Products & Services

Eco Pro Hawaii offers products for your  basic sustainable needs;  we also offer a wide range of services from solar energy to waste management.

Our permaculture services are here to set you up with, your very own food supply. We quick start your gardens and green houses. With our ability to remediation soil we offer large scale

Water Treatment

Eco Pro Hawaii has it's very own Eco Filter we offer. Its a mineral based composite that occurs naturally in nature and like charcoal. We offer homes systems for your catchment system or we have simple water systems you can buy.


As Hawaii's #1 leader in energy storage we were the first to bring Tesla Power walls to the islands when everyone said it can't be done. This year we installed the very first GENERAC power cell system, a  new state of the art energy storage system. We are proud to lead the next generation in clean energy and energy storage.


Eco Pro Hawaii is an environmentally friendly company that works with the land to restore the natural balance of the ecosystem. We do not use any harmful non organic pesticides. Hawaiian culture shows us the indigenous Hawaiian's were already in alignment with the land. Honoring that system is why eco pro Hawaii is here; to help us restore and guide the rest of the world.

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