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Eco Pro Hawaii offers a variety of ecological services; Ranging from solar services, waste-management, water treatment, green building, and ecological services. Give us a call for a free quote on any of your sustainable needs today! We custom packages for each persons needs. We can build you an off grid solar EV charging station. We can build you a dream come true green house or garden. We offer permaculture services and clean ways to grow your own food and improve your agriculture land. Eco Pro offers services of remediation of contaminated soil. We are looking forward to building a sustainable future with you today.

About us

Eco Pro Hawaii, LLC is a small family owned business that opened in March of 2014. The company specializes in off grid energy storage and we were one of the first companies approved by Tesla to sell their batteries. Our company brought energy storage to the islands of Hawaii. The Eco came about to help Hawaii meet it's ulupono initiative to be 100% renewable energy by 2040. Eco Pro is here to do just that and make sustainability apart of everyone's life.

Latest News 

Growing your own Food

April 09, 2020


We want to encourage you to start your own garden or green house. Eco Pro Hawaii, is here to help. We will get you started. Just tell us your desires and we will bring your sustainable needs to life. We can provide you with green houses, garden plots, and auquaponic systems. 


January 09


Eco Pro Hawaii, wants you to go off grid. We can provide you a future with clean energy to power you home and car. Ask us about our off grid energy designs and we will give you a FREE quote today!

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